Colorado Real Estate Guest Post: Ft Carson Neighborhoods Part 1

If you have orders to a duty station in Colorado Springs, it can be overwhelming to figure out which area of town is right for you. Colorado Springs is home to five military installations, and that has an enormous impact on our real estate market. Our market is very cyclical because of the PCS season. Each year, our normally fast market becomes white hot from April through late August/early September. It’s not unusual for homes to receive multiple offers for over asking price within days of listing. (For example, we recently had a listing receive 2 competing offers within 4 days of going on the market. It ultimately went under contract for $11,000 over asking price). The latest numbers tell us that the average sales price in Colorado Springs is $350,736, and we expect that to increase as we get closer to summer. We completely understand this information can be very stressful for military families moving here with short timelines. We are here to help!

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Top Tips for Buying a Home in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Schools

Choosing a school is often one of the most stressful aspects of moving to Colorado Springs. Colorado is a choice state. What does that mean? Regardless of your assigned district or school, you can choose any district or school as long as space permits (and other special requirements are met for certain schools). This creates a competitive market among the schools, and results in most of them providing special curriculums or other features to attract students. We have a few great resources to help you research and make the best decision for your kiddos:

Colorado Springs Neighborhoods

To help you get started, we’ve put together a brief overview of the main parts of Colorado Springs. It can get confusing to figure out where each part of town is located. This is the best map of Colorado Springs neighborhoods that we have found. We highly recommend bookmarking it to reference as your search for your new home!

Colorado Springs Neighborhood Map

You’ll find information below about average home prices and commute times to the main military installations. Please keep in mind that these are very general estimates for drive times. Be sure to check your exact commute time from the address of a potential house. For the purposes of this post, we started in the southern part of town and worked our way north.


Fountain consists of new subdivisions with some of the most affordable housing in Colorado Springs. The area is close to several military installations and features new restaurants and shopping areas. It’s an attractive option for military families. Those looking for a “country” lifestyle with stunning views and proximity to big city amenities tend to like it here. You should also be able to find larger lots.

Average Home Price: $318,860


  • 35-40 minutes to USAFA
  • 10-15 minutes to Peterson Air Force Base
  • 20 minutes to Fort Carson
  • 12 minutes to Schriever Air Force Base

Homes for sale in Fountain


Southwest Colorado Springs

The Southwest is a less densely populated area of Colorado Springs and is characterized by a slower pace. The majority of the homes were built between 1940-1980, so you’ll find a mix of mid-century ranches and 70’s-style split levels. Most homes are very well maintained or thoughtfully renovated. Convenient access to Fort Carson and the Cheyenne Mountain Complex draws military to the area, although you’re likely to find service members lower on the incline. Climbing in altitude equates to climbing home prices in this affluent neighborhood.

Average Home Price: $1,375,935 (though there are plenty of more affordable homes in this area)

  • 40 minutes to USAFA
  • 30-50 minutes to Peterson Air Force Base
  • 20 minutes to Fort Carson
  • 45 minutes to Schriever Air Force Base

Homes for sale in Southwest Colorado Springs


The Westside of town is very convenient to the central part of the city, the downtown area, and also near natural wonders like Garden of the Gods and Manitou Springs. This is your place if you are looking for homes on an incline, proximity to epic trail heads, and the classic Colorado lifestyle.

Average Home Price: $322,400


  • 20-25 minutes to USAFA
  • 25-40 minutes to Peterson Air Force Base
  • 20-35 minutes to Fort Carson
  • 35-50 minutes to Shriver Air Force Base

Homes for sale on the Westside


Central Colorado Springs

Central Colorado Springs is your typical downtown district complete with quaint shopping and limitless dining and social options. Colorado Springs is also making a respectable name for itself in the craft brewery world, and you’ll find most breweries in this area of town. The area is walk-able and alive with festivals, markets, sidewalk dining, coffee shops and restaurants.

Average Home Price: $364,001


  • 25 minutes to USAFA
  • 15 minutes to Peterson Air Force Base
  • 25 minutes to Fort Carson
  • 30-40 minutes to Schriever Air Force Base

Homes for sale in Central Colorado Springs

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